aquafilm is a film production company in Cologne with 24 years of experience in the film industry.

Having been involved in many international known feature films like HEAVEN, SEVEN DWARFS, TWO LIVES, THE DOOR, ANNE FRANK, ROBBIE, TOBBIE UND DAS FLIEWATÜÜT, ELEANOR AND COLETT or 7500 as Production Manager or Line Producer.


Peter Kreutz produced several films which have been shown in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the United States on television and in cinemas. With its long expertise in calculation and financing aquafilm serves several production companies in Europe and the US to bring international co-productions to the screen.

Production-companies from abroad can find an experienced co-production partner for gap-finance and cashflow on their projects. After in-house productions like, DIAMONDWEDDING by Michael Kupczyk, BLOCKED OUT by Florian Mischa Böder or LIKE AIR TO BREATHE by Ruth Olshan, aquafilm recently started to set up its own promissing coproductions.


Peter Kreutz is a member of the German Film Academy.